Are you ready to laugh your ass off and remember who you really are?
This book’s purpose is help you define and ditch the crap that’s holding you back.

Together, we're going to walk through six steps to joy.


get ready for the adventure:

Step #1: Throw Away Your Old Jacket

In this chapter, we begin to un-sew old stories we've been holding onto. This chapter parallels limiting beliefs as if we were sewing each one like a peace sign patch on an old denim jacket. Not only is this tacky, but it's holding us back.


Step #2: Clean Out Your Pantry

Emotions we don’t want to feel often are stuffed deep into our subconscious, just like an old creepy can of chickpeas in the back of our pantry we promise to eat "one day". This chapter walks us through what might be lingering back there in our minds.


Step #3: Slide off Your Barbie Costume

Sometimes we’ve been pretending for so long, we forget who we really are. In this chapter, we identify where we may be acting in a way they think the external world wants us to in an effort to protect ourselves from judgement.


Step #4: The Slime of Shame

When I was in the fifth grade, I was on the Nickelodeon show ‘Slime Time Live’, my Grammy called me shortly after to tell me I looked fat on TV. #Fail. The Slime of Shame walks us through how we carry this slimey, not good enough feeling through our days and lives; and how we can reclaim our power.


Step #5: Forgiveness

This chapter is simple but as we all know, forgiveness is not. Once we’ve identified all the limiting beliefs holding us back, we must forgive then move forward.


Step #6: So, What do I do with all these assholes?

Ok, so you’ve forgiven your aunt for calling you a bitch and let go of what’s been keeping you down… now, what do you do with your family members? How do you handle them triggering you? We talk about how to move forward and love people for who they are.


"I'm on Chapter Two and my husband keeps asking me what I'm doing, I can't stop laughing. This is great.
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